Graduation Process

Graduation applications need to be done electronically via MyMadison. Before you can submit an application you need to make sure that all the graduation requirements in the Academic Requirements are listed as “satisfied.” This may not happen until you actually enroll for classes for your last semester. However, there may be some issues you need to work out with your adviser first, so if you think you have met all the requirements but not everything is listed correctly, please get in touch with your advisor to fix things.

Graduation applications generally open up mid-semester in the semester preceding your graduation term. Departments have been asked to not start the review process until the add/drop deadline has passed for the semester in which students graduate. Thus, if you apply (for example) in October to graduate in May, the application will not be reviewed until around February. However, you should still apply as early as possible to identify any issues with lacking requirements and to be sure you enroll for the right classes in your last semester. Please contact you advisor if you need any help with this.

The online application can be accessed off the Registrar's website: