Submit your design for our Second Annual CS Sticker Contest!

You could win up to $75 and have your design printed and distributed to CS students! We’re offering prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

Accepting submissions through April 8th!

We’re looking for students to design a sticker that reflects the spirit of the CS Department for the 21-22 year. Here are the details. Feel free to email me if you have any questions!


  • CS faculty will select top 5 finalists and CS students will vote on the winners.
  • All designs will be anonymous until winners are revealed.


  • First place: $75 prize and the sticker will be printed and distributed by the CS department
  • Second place: $50 prize
  • Third place: $25 prize


  • To submit a design, the student must be currently enrolled in at least one CS course.

Design Specs

  • Design should reflect the spirit of the CS department for the 21-22 year
  • Dimensions: circle, square, or 2:3 rectangle with a minimum width of 1000px
  • Design must abide by copyright regulations
  • No profanity or inappropriate content
  • Optional: include “JMU,” “CS,” and “2022” in the design
  • Optional: JMU branding,

Design Submissions

  • Send to Paige Normand,
  • PNG of the design
  • a short description of your inspiration/story for your design
  • include what CS class(es) you are currently enrolled in

Note: I will need a vector version of the final design for printing.