The Checkstyle Plugin for Eclipse

Checkstyle is a static analysis tool. The Checkstyle plugin for Eclipse enables the use of Checkstyle from within Eclipse .


The easiest way to install the Eclipse Checkstyle Plugin is as follows.

  1. Start a WWW browser and navigate to .
  2. Start Eclipse.
  3. Drag the “Install” icon from the WWW browser onto the title bar of a running Eclipse workspace.
  4. When the dialog box appears, check “Checkstyle Plug-in” and click on Confirm.
  5. Check “I accept…” and click on Finish.
  6. If you get a message about “unsigned content”, click Install anyway or OK.
  7. Restart Eclipse.

Several alternative methods are discussed at the Checkstyle Plugin site .

If none of the normal methods work, you may want to consider installing the plugin manually. 1)

Enabling the Checkstyle Plugin

To enable the Checkstyle plugin for a particular project:

  1. Right-click on the project.
  2. Click on Checkstyle and Activate Checkstyle. (Or, if there is no Checkstyle entry, click on Properties and then select “Checkstyle”, check “Checkstyle active…” and click on OK.)

Loading a Checks File (Configuration File)

You can set the checks file for all of the projects in a workspace or for each project individually. If you have a different workspace for each course then you should probably use the first approach, which is described in the page on installing Eclipse . If you use one workspace for all of your courses then you should probably use the second approach as follows:

  1. Download the file to an appropriate location on your local file system.
  2. In Eclipse, right-click on the project, and pull down to Properties.
  3. Select “Checkstyle” and click on the “Local Check Configurations” tab.
  4. Click on New.
  5. Select “External Configuration File”, enter a “Name:” and the “Location:” of the file, and click OK.
  6. Select the “Main” tab.
  7. Select the appropriate configuration file from the drop-down list.
  8. Click on OK.
  9. When the “Rebuild suggested” dialog appears, click on Yes.
The normal Checkstyle installation process was not working reliably at the start of the Fall 2018 semester. However, it was possible to install version 8.11 “manually”. So, if you have problems with the normal installation process, you may want to try this. In a WWW browser, go to: v8.11 Download Site then right-click on the link named (underneath the word “Downloads”) and save the .zip file to a convenient location. Now start Eclipse and click on Help+Install New Software. When the dialog box opens, click on Add…. When the new dialog box opens, click on Archive…, navigate to the .zip file that you saved earlier, and click on OK. Then click on Add on the previous dialog. To actually start the installation process, on the previous dialog select Checkstyle and click on Next or Finish.