Autolab is a system that allows students to submit their solutions to programming assignments and, in some cases, to get immediate feedback on (some aspects of) them. These pages contain information for students about how to use Autolab (some of which is specific to the use of Autolab at JMU).

Help with Common Tasks

Help is available on a variety of common tasks performed by students.

Help Understanding Grade Reports

Regardless of the autograder that is used, the grade report has the same structure.

Help Interpreting Feedback from Autograders

There are two kinds of feedback in Autolab - instructor-generated code annotations and autograder-generated feedback on submission criteria/problems.

The instructor-generated annotations appear at the bottom of the grade report under the Remarks heading. This part of the report contains one line for each annotation that always includes a textual comment and the relevant file and line number. It may also include a criterion and deduction.

The autograder-generated feedback latter varies from autograder to autograder. Help is available on the feedback provided by the following autograders:


If you have trouble, you should consult the following guide before contacting your professor.