Services that may be affected if you drop below 12 credits

Financial Aid :
Each student’s financial aid situation is different, but keep in mind that you could be in danger of losing financial aid eligibility if you drop a class. Financial Aid recommends that you meet with them to discuss your individual situation and how that impacts your Satisfactory Academic Progress.

Contact: 540-568-7820 / /

On-Campus Housing:
Students living on campus who drop below 12 credit hours should let the Office of Residence Life know of their status change. It is at the discretion of ORL to determine if the student can keep their housing. This is most often in question if a student drops below 6 credit hours.

Contact: 540-568-4663 / /

University Recreation:
Students who are taking fewer than 7 credit hours can use the facility by paying a pro-rated fee. Students must be taking at least 1 credit hour to use UREC.

Contact : 540-568-8700 /

Student Employment:
Students with on-campus jobs can lose their position if they drop below 6 credit hours.

Contact : 540-568-3269 / /

Study Abroad:
Students can apply for a study abroad program, but won’t be eligible for scholarships if they are below 12 credit hours when applying.

Contact : 540-568-6419 / /

Other Concerns

  • Student athletes have eligibility standards that may dictate their course load and should consult with their athletic advisor.
  • International students should reach out to International Student and Scholar ServicesLinks to an external site. to find out how dropping below 12 credits could impact their Visa:
  • Many scholarships require that you maintain a set number of credit hours. If you are receiving a scholarship, check to see what your requirements are.
  • Graduation timeline - keep in mind that most students need an average 15 credits every semester to graduate in four years, so dropping to part- time status may delay graduation. This might not apply if you transferred in credits. See your unofficial transcript for details about the credits you have earned. You need 120 to graduate.
  • Students could be in danger of losing coverage or discounts on their parents’ health or car insurance policies if they take fewer than 12 credits. Call your insurance provider for more information.

Information from the Hart School Resource: