Frequently Asked Questions about the Full Admission to the Major/Minor Process

Application Process

If I will receive guaranteed admission to the major/minor based on my CS 149/159 GPA, do I still have to apply for admission?

Yes. All students need to apply if they want to be fully admitted to the CS major or minor, even if they are guaranteed admission.

I am currently taking CS 159, but not CS/MATH 227. Should I still apply for full admission at the end of this semester?

Yes. The admissions decision is made based on your CS 139/149 and CS 159 grades, so you should apply this semester. Note that if you are admitted, you will not be able to enroll in CS 240 or CS 261 until you have completed CS/MATH 227, but you would be able to take CS 345.

Application Form

The form asks me to enter my CS 159 grade, but I am currently enrolled in CS 159 and do not know what my grade will be yet.

This entry is for students who have already completed CS 159 and have received a grade. If you are currently enrolled in CS 159, leave this field blank. We will obtain your grade from the Registrar's office once grades are available.

Scheduling classes

If I cannot register for CS 240, CS 261, and CS 345 until after I am fully admitted to the major/minor, how can I register for classes when it is time for registration?

When registering for regular classes, we recommend that you determine at which times the CS classes you want to take are offered, and then sign up for “backup” classes during the same time slots. When the admissions decisions are made, you will be contacted by the undergraduate program director. We will then raise the caps on those CS classes, and if your are admitted you can register and drop your “backup” classes. This will happen approximately one week after grades are posted.