CS Electives

All CS students are required to take three upper level CS electives. The specifics here depend on your Catalog Year (you can reference the details in your Academic Requirements page in MyMadison Student Center):

  • if your catalog year is prior to 22-23, you need three CS electives above 300 and at least two must be above 345.
  • if your catalog year is 22-23 or later, you need three CS electives above 300 and at least two must be above 332.

So, if you want to count both CS 330 and CS 343 toward your CS Elective Requirements, you'll need to make sure your catalog year is 22-23.

Finding your Catalog Year
You can find your current catalog year by going to MyMadison > Student Center > Academic Requirements. Then scroll down to the beginning of your Computer Science information. It's listed with the CS header.

How to change your catalog year

Email our Program Director, Dr. Buchholz: buchhofp@jmu.edu Send him:

  • Your student ID number
  • Your current Catalog Year
  • Your desired Catalog Year

Defining terms

A “CS Elective” is any CS course you “elect” to take - meaning, they aren't required courses for the CS major.

You're required to take one of our five System Electives. If you elect to take another one, it would count as a CS elective.

Note: You are required to take only one of our Algorithm classes (CS 412, CS 452); you are not permitted to take both.

A note on timing

You should have your desired catalog year finalized before you apply for graduation.