Important Dates

Freshmen Mid-Semester Grades

Mid-semester grades will be posted March 22, 2022. Please check your grades in MyMadison. Some grades may be available earlier These unofficial grades will give you a sense of where you stand in each of your courses.

D or F Grades

If you have any mid-semester grades of D or F, please make plans to discuss your progress, possible options, and available resources with your professor and the CS Advisor,

Withdraw Deadline

The deadline to Withdraw from a semester class is March 25, 2022. Withdrawal from a course by this deadline will result in a “W” on your transcript. A “W” is not calculated into the GPA, but it is factored in to the formula for Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) used by Financial Aid.

Any student receiving Financial Aid should review AND consult with the Financial Aid office before withdrawing from a course.

You do NOT need permission to withdraw, BUT we highly recommend that you also discuss it with your advisor, too. To withdraw from a course, you use the “drop” function in MyMadison.

Note on dropping a course with a co-requisite:
Students will need a departmental override if they are taking either CS 159 and CS 227 and wish to drop one and remain in the other. Please email your student ID number and the section of your course to Paige Normand,

If withdrawing from a course results in you being below 12 credit hours during the semester, consult the potential impacts of no longer being a full-time student:

Withdrawing AFTER March 25th

Any student wanting to withdraw from a class after the Withdraw deadline can only do so when an instructor agrees to issue a final grade of “WP” (withdraw pass) or “WF” (Withdraw Fail), based on their grade at time of withdrawal.

This option is strictly at the discretion of the instructor, and most will only consider it if there is a legitimate issue or extenuating circumstance.

Enrollment Windows

Fall 2022 enrollment appointments begin April 11, 2022 Look at MyMadison for YOUR appointment date and time. Your enrollment day based on your standing - see details

If you do not know what to sign up for, please make an appointment with the CS advisor.

Open Enrollment begins at 12:01am on April 15, 2022. During Open Enrollment, you can expect SOME movement in classes, so you are welcome to continue to look for classes through the add/drop deadline of the fall semester. HOWEVER, do NOT count on finding a seat in a specific class.

We recommend that you enroll in 15-16 credit hours during your advance registration appointment, and then SWAP when you find a course you really want with an open seat.

Check for Holds!

There are a number of students who are non-compliant with their immunizations and currently have a hold on their account that will prevent them from enrolling in spring classes. All have been sent multiple emails explaining what is missing and the consequences. Check to make sure that YOU do not have a HOLD. You MUST take care of holds prior to enrollment!

What courses should YOU take?

See the CS Curriculum page on the wiki.

Also see the Advising FAQ

Making a 4-year Plan

We encourage you to meet with our CS Advisor, Paige Normand, to make a 4-year plan for graduation. You can schedule a meeting with her here:

Not sure if you should reach out to Paige Normand or your CS Faculty Advisor about a topic? Don't worry, there's a Wiki Page for that!

Enrollment Timeline

1 month before Enrollment (early October/ mid March)

  • Check for any holds on your account and ensure they are resolved well before enrollment
  • To see holds, go to MyMadison > Student Center > Holds (under, to the right of your ID picture)
  • Schedule a meeting with Advisor(s). CS Advisor: Paige Normand,
  • If you have a minor or a second major, also talk to that advisor

Ten Days before Enrollment

  • Courses should be listed in MyMadison; start planning your schedule and your contingency plans.
  • Find your enrollment period and set calendar reminders. See: MyMadison > Student Center > Enrollment Dates
  • Have your shopping cart ready to check out when your enrollment period arrives

Enrollment Drop-in Day: April 8th

  • I'll be hosting a drop-in session this day with CS Ambassadors and Curriculum Specialists from Virigina Tech to help students plan for their fall semester and discuss the 4-and-1 Masters Program with VT.

When You Enroll

Dealing with Enrollment Issues

  • If you get an error: read the error.
  • If you have an error about a prerequisite: you have to contact the department responsible for the course you need. Start with contacting the listed professor and check the department’s Faculty and Staff listing to see if they have a departmental advisor.

Enrollment Resources

If something else goes wrong during your Enrollment

  • take a deep breath.
  • Google it; see if you can find any info from a page

The CS Department can only handle overrides for CS classes. If you are having an issue with enrolling in a CS course, email the CS Advisor, and include:

  • A screenshot of the issue you’re having
  • Your standing (Freshmen, Sophomore, etc)
  • Your full name and EID
  • If you are requesting an override for a CS course, include the section number (e.g. CS 159-0003) of the course you are trying to get into.
  • DO NOT separately email any other CS faculty. If you want to include any other CS faculty, CC them on your email to the CS Advisor. Separate emails forces us to duplicate work and degrades our effectiveness and speed to help CS students.


When you receive an override, this gives you permission to enroll in the course. YOU will need to enroll in the course. If you've had the course in your shopping cart, remove it. After the override is processed, you will receive an email from the CS department notifying you and you can then add the class and enroll.

Open Enrollment

After all students have had initial access to enrollment (4 days), open enrollment allows you to enroll in courses to fine-tune your schedule. Open enrollment begins April 15, 2022.

Note: Fall 2022 registration will close for currently enrolled students on Friday, May 27th at 12PM for Transfer and Freshman Orientation. Registration will reopen on Monday, August 1st at 12:01AM.